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When your name is spelled incorrectly beyond the unofficial 3-letter rule, you likely face significant penalties to fix the problem. The airline may asses change penalties or even cancellation penalties when significant name changes are required. Benefit: To avoid both of these phone-booking problems, your best bet is to spell everything out letter by letter, even if you have a very common name.

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  • Also, when they repeat the details back to you, write them down and request the reservation copy via email. You will then be able to see right away if your dates, destinations or names are incorrect. Paying extra-close attention while booking over the phone can alleviate almost every operator error. To ensure that you have the correct dates of travel and that your name is spelled correctly, another good strategy is to skip booking over the phone and instead reserve your flight online. Often, you can find the same or better deals than what the airline has to offer on travel search sites, like Fareboom.

    However, just like every part of travel, there are still a few things that could muck up your plans. Be sure you get a confirmation email of your purchase and look for the airline record locator that is the airline-provided reservation code. Make sure you receive your electronic ticket numbers and flight itinerary by email or download this information from the airline website. Benefit: It is a good idea to call all hotels, airlines, car rental companies and any other booking companies to confirm reservations at least one week before departure.

    When you book online, travel itineraries typically show how long your connection time is. If it is less than an hour, choose a different itinerary unless you know the airport well. There are far too many variables involved in air travel that make anything less than an hour very stressful.

    Bummer: For example, your next flight will begin boarding at least 30 minutes before takeoff. We suggest a minimum layover of about an hour and a half to two hours to travel stress-free. This is how most tickets are issued. We hear from our travelers time and time again that airlines fail to put them on the next available flight immediately, and try to blame the travelers themselves for booking delayed flights with shorter connecting times.

    Fortunately, the law is on your side when it comes to delays with itineraries that involve at least one international flight. Food and lodging costs are most commonly covered by the delay rule. Do not expect the airline to upgrade you to business class as a result of a delay although you can certainly ask and you might get lucky. International route scenarios where the connecting airline is different from the onward airline are covered too.

    The airline whose ticket you hold, technically called the validating carrier, is responsible to get you to the destination quickly, regardless of which airline is actually responsible for the connecting flight delay. Flights get changed often. Sometimes, flights have time changes or switch to a different aircraft.

    Schedule changes include flight delays, earlier flights or even cancelled flights. You will typically be contacted and informed of this change as soon as it has been made.

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    To ensure that you have the latest information before you travel, check the airline website about 72 hours before departure and verify the up-to-date schedule, or contact your travel agent. Changes involving flight-number changes require ticket reissues, while other changes might require you to work with the airline or agent to modify the itinerary further to meet your requirements. Benefit: Flight schedule changes over four hours are technically referred to as involuntary changes and they are protected against delay per Montreal Contention Article 19, giving you plenty of options when negotiating with the airline international itineraries only.

    Bummer: Airlines oversell flights on a regular basis. They expect that a certain number of customers will not show up for the flight for one reason or another. If they are able, they will offer cash incentives for people who are willing to take a later flight.

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    They are your best friend in this situation, even if their employer did just screw you over. Politely ask for their help in booking a later flight. If there will be more than a two-hour delay before you can get on your next flight, consider asking for an airline credit or perhaps a food voucher to compensate you for your trouble. The key is to be kind, but firm. The easiest way to avoid these consequences is to make sure the right person is filling out these forms.

    Depending on the size of your company, you may be the only person who should complete this paperwork, or you could have a small number of trained employees who are responsible for the job. They offer on-site DOT Hazardous Materials hazmat compliance training classes, as well as live instructor-led webinars. When you use free trade agreements, you are certifying that your goods qualify for duty-free treatment under very specific rules, and you can prove it if you are audited. Our International Trade Blog has a Free Trade Agreements section has three dozen articles to help you understand these agreements and determine if your goods qualify for preferential rates.

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    The good news? You can avoid much of this frustration. Shipping Solutions export documentation software allows you to create accurate export paperwork up to five-times faster than more manual methods. And it makes it easy to stay compliant with export regulations. Let us show you how Shipping Solutions can help your company. Sign up for a free online demo of the software. Or call us at There's no obligation. This article was first published in September and has been updated to include current information and formatting.

    Call International Trade Blog. Wrong Contact, Packing and Payment Information If you provide the wrong contact, packing or payment information for your export documents, your goods might be delivered to the incorrect address. If you have the wrong address on a waybill, your goods could be delivered to the wrong location.

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    Creating inaccurate packing lists. You can download a free bank draft here. Wrong Classification of Goods Schedule B vs. Having the Wrong Person Fill Out Dangerous Goods Forms To put it plainly, there are potential disastrous consequences if you mislabel your dangerous goods. Wrongly Assuming Your Goods Qualify for Preferential Rates When you use free trade agreements, you are certifying that your goods qualify for duty-free treatment under very specific rules, and you can prove it if you are audited.

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