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Not a super interesting show, though the semimain was better than expected with no Porky. The trios match in the middle is the Parks versus the Hell Brothers. Matches on the show. The last legend spot seems like it should go to Blue Demon Jr. This show no longer being on PPV might play into the missing names. Konnan does not believe this is the truth, but calls the wrestlers too scared to try AAA and find out.

Long time Chicago area lucha libre referee El Apentias is close to retiring. Apolo Valdes talks about life after wrestling for luchadors. Australian Suicide hypes his title match and his feud with Daga. Angel de Oro just lost his title, Mephisto won an extra one, the CMLL laws of championship balancing indicate a change is likely Monday night. Second match could be fun.

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Main event could be very good. Dragon Lee seems listed as being back a week ahead of schedule. There was a lot of really good stuff this week. What happened: Nada. Hombre Bala, replacing Super Porkly, landed badly on a dive. The rudos weirdly won the second match in straight falls. Truly, though, nothing of importance took place and this was just a show with no purpose.

What was good: I liked the lightning match and the two trios which followed it. Enjoyable if not must see. Read More. What happened: Volador Jr.

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LA Park and Rush continue to hate each other. What was good: Everything was watchable. The opener was a Volador special and the main event had some good moments. The trios match was not as dire as it looked on paper. Match did not air on the stream. Tecnicos apepared to have won in a match that was stalled out to allow everyone else to arrive. Espiritu Maligno replaced Arkangel.

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Stigma challenged for a trios title match next week. Mephisto accepted, but the rudos still unmasked the tecnicos. Arkangel started as a replacement for Shocker, only for Shocker to take his place in the first minutes.

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Marco demanded a singles match next week and Rush accepted. This was a strange show. They were stalling before that match got going. The Trios title match could be good too. The preview says the show starts at pm, but I assume it starts at pm like every other Tuesday. Black Terry Jr. Segunda Caida reviews the No Mas episode. Hola Ciudad has a story on Lucha Va Voom. Wagner Jr. Of note, Marabunta Jr. What happened: An accident on the highway connecting Mexico City to Puebla severely delayed the luchadors and the production crew on the way to show, forcing parts of the crew to actually get out of their transportation and walk past the stoppage to get in other vehicles to make it to the show.

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The announcers were apologetic about the situation. The show seemed off, understandably, as a result, and the feeling of chaos was more memorable than the matches. The semimain also set up a trios title match for next week. What was good: None of the matches was a particular standout.

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Note the first 10 or so minutes have production issues; it takes a while for sound, and then announcers to come in. Trauma I gave his partner Canis Lupus a martinete at the start of the match, sending him out on a stretcher. Danny Casas replaced him. Mask and hair challenges followed.

Barbie Juarez appears to be headlining. Chik Tormenta talks about being a mom and a lucahdora. Good match. Next page. Recent searches:. Date: ca. Flowers in a Glass Vase M. The cell; outlines of general anatomy and physiology. Hertwig, Emhnjol.

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