Darkness to Light: Critical Messages From God and His Council

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You will love the mixture of inspiration, prophetic flow and depth of content When Jesus Saves and Serves the Best at the Last!

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Goll In this his fresh message on spiritual warfare, James exposes the enemies strategies and gives us tools to recognize and defeat the enemy. He reminds us that many times our adversities are really opportunities to come up higher and gain a redemptive perspective and thus bring glory to Jesus Christ.

This timely message connect with the book and study guide Deliverance from Darkness. What are the Gifts the Holy Spirit? Goll Do you want to learn about the 25 Gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in scripture?


This message contains clear teaching with depths of biblical content and practical experience. Download this first message in a 12 part series and pass it on to others! As it Was in the Beginning James W.

Well Women Lead Well james W. Goll With wit, humor and wisdom, James brings Biblical stories of how God worked through women. Not just because these women were all that were willing, but rather, they were the most available for the task. Are you available? Listen to this engaging message, you may be surprised. The Gift of Faith James W. Listen to this exact teaching from James Goll and drink deeply from the Gift of Faith and create a culture of faith everywhere you go!

This is Michal Ann in her strength when she shared in her class combining a wealth of scripture and the depth of her heart. A Classic message that must be passed on to all! Trends in Prophetic Ministry Today J.


The Ministry of Hosea: A Call to Faithfulness

LeClaire, R. James tells some of his recent dreams and encounters from the Lord along with perspective and insight from the Word of God. Potent and Inspiring! Trends James W. This is as much of an experience as it is a teaching. James led the people in prophetic worship, released pockets of teaching that were mixed with prophetic insight from recent dreams. What are the Trends the Holy Spirit is speaking. Listen and Learn! James W. Entering into the Intercession of Christ James W. Goll Do you want to learn how pray with God and not just pray to God?

If that is the case, then this message on Entering Into the Intercession of Christ was spoken with you in mind. How did Jesus pray? Was there one form He used or were there many? James reads material from his book The Prophetic Intercessor while weaving a tapestry filled with story telling, scriptural foundations, lessons from church history and examples of his own life experience to bring the listener into life changing revelation. God wants to share His heart with you and He wants hear the whispers and longings in very your heart. Listen and learn! Convergence of the Ages James W. Goll This classic message is James at his best.

With prophetic urgency James tells us that the best of every historic move of God throughout church history is being brought together for such a time as this. Jesus is serving the Best Wine at the Last. Listen, be inspired and live the life! Goll James brings solid teaching on the prophetic: the gift of prophecy, who prophets are, and how they function. James answers many questions about the different kinds prophets and why their messages are sometimes so diverse.

A Lamp In The Dark - The Untold History Of The Bible ~ Full Documentary

Listen and pass it on to your friends. Goll James takes us on a Holy Spirit guided tour of Exodus 33 into three different sets of verses but in a backwards order. You will understand as you listen to this wisdom filled message.

Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker

Let us seek the Lord for equal portions of each divine ingredient in our lives. Show us Your Glory! Teach us Your Ways! Goll James Goll brings truth from the Bible and from modern experience to show than God has given each one of us a hope and destiny.

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Goll This inspiring message corresponds to the 9th chapter of the book Finding Hope — rediscovering life after tragedy. This raw and real narrative gives you a glimpse into the truths that the Holy Spirit taught James as he struggled thru years of many difficult hardships and trials. Invoking the Power of the Blessing James W. We are blessed to be a blessing.

Deacon Paul's Reflection for the Holy Family Of Jesus, Mary, & Joseph 2017 "Family Honor"

We can turn the atmosphere around us from darkness to light. We are called to be modern Reformers and Ambassadors of Blessing. The Orchestra of Prayer James W.

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Goll This practical and sound teaching by James will help bring your prayers and those of your prayer community, into another level of effectiveness. James emphasizes The Power of Agreement and what it requires and truly looks like. Too often our vertical relationship with God becomes separated from our horizontal relationship with the Body of Christ. This teaching reveals that if we want to come to a higher level of effectiveness, then we must emphasize both! Agree with me and down load this message and pass it on to others. This message is a part of the class Prayers that Strike the Mark.

Goll This revelatory message, Surrendering Your Senses to the Holy Spirit, based out of Hebrews , is lively, refreshing and instructional. The Miracle of Israel James W. With Marty Goetz at the keys and James and Marty interacting together, this is an amazing moment that you get to relive.

This is a well researched teaching filled with stories, scripture and prophetic song. You will love this and want to pass it on to others! God Still Speaks James W. This message will raise your faith and expectancy level for the time in which we live! Some of these insights have taken years to glean while other nuggets are more recent but all are quite relevant in order to gain proper Prophetic Perspective for Our Times.

Goll In this message, previously titled "Learning Your Spiritual Alphabet," James combines three divergent streams of truth as related to dream language. These three strand include: 1. Presents in Hebraic and Christian Church history 2. A depth of scriptural grounding. Lessons learned in symbols and typology as it relates to your personal dream life. Growing in the Prophetic James W. Bob is asking James questions that a lot of you would like to ask if you had a personal time alone with him. The conversation centers around Growing in the Prophetic as well as touching into Prayer Themes.

It is personal, relatable and will help you mature in your walk with the Lord. Honoring Worship Leaders James W. As the free love and flower power generation emerged, so also did a historic move of the Holy Spirit known as The Jesus People Movement. What was the DNA that made it so authentic and real?

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What were the strengths and weaknesses? James Goll takes us on a journey thru this period of time, telling you stories and lessons learned and calling forth something even greater for this generation. Listen and pass on to others! Rachel and James share intriguing, heart warming stories of life in the Goll household where angels showed up, destiny dreams were given, and visions were fulfilled. Rachel challenges people to forgive and bless their fathers while James closes by singing a sweet prophetic song over his youngest daughter.