Fear of Allah

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Welcome to the new site again! Contact Us What's New? The Signs of Fear Know dear Muslim brothers and sisters, we can find out whether we fear Allah or are oblivious of him through some simple tests. Here are some of them: The tongue informs us: if we talk evil, backbite and engage in frivolous gossip, it shows that there is very little concern.

We should engage our tongues in the remembrance of Allah, in the recitation of the Qur'an and in circles of knowledge.

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In the heart we should expel hatred, enmity and jealousy and replace them with well-wishing and care for Muslims. We should be careful of what we put in our stomachs.

Fearing Allah the way the Prophet feared Him

Our eyes should not wander off to look at haram objects. Our feet should not walk towards haram places.

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We should not extend our hands for haram purposes. We should be concerned in our good deeds that we don't perform them for anyone else except Allah. The jurist of Samarkand says that the person who does one good deed should be weary of four things imagine what a person who commits a sin should be afraid of : The fear of not being accepted because Allah says, "Allah only accepts from those who fear.

Fear has released their sleep, so they stand and acquire security in vigilance.

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  • What does fear of Allah and love of Allah mean?.
  • I have no peace inside me, even though I do the necessary praying, charity, fasting etc. What am I missing here? Is it my anxiety that leads me to do things only out of fear of Allah?

    Fear Allah – Lecture by Hasan Somali (Bradford ) – Salafi Sounds

    What can you advise to change my thinking to attain love of Allah so I may find some peace and happiness? Jazakullah Khair. Aisha Mohammad.

    Begin to heal from your depression, anxiety, and OCD. Thank you for writing to us with your question. I can imagine how frustrated you must feel, seeking a certain connection, yet it keeps escaping you.


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    Allah sees your struggles, knows of your pain and emptiness as well as your intentions. Your intention is to get close to Him, to perform your obligations out of love rather than just fear, right? While we should both love and fear Allah, we must also keep in mind His great mercy and forgiveness. Allah tells us in a hadith qudsi that He will come running to those who begin moving toward Him. Thus, we have to first turn to Allah and recognize our absolute reliance on Him. It may seem like a subtle movement of our hearts, but it opens the door for the journey ahead.

    Allah comes running to us! I mean, how amazing is that!

    You may not feel that He is, but that is where faith comes in. If you believe the word of Allah is true, then you must accept that He is most merciful, most forgiving, and is indeed blessing you. If you did things in the past for which you sought repentance for, Allah says He forgives us if we truly repent. So, if Allah says He is most forgiving, is it Allah who is not forgiving you and punishing you, or is it, in fact, you who is not forgiving yourself and, indeed, punishing yourself with these thoughts? They wish property and rank in order that they may do favors to everybody by means of them.

    They are not arrogant. In short, those who fear Allah are useful to their country and countrymen. About Us. Islamic Glossary. Order Books. Qibla Location. Question and Contact. Text size. Date of Update 07 Ekim Pazartesi.