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The Book of Job - Part 1/2 (Derek Prince) - Job and his accusing friends

Culture Rising is now a well-established retailer of cannabis accessories including heady and scientific glass, non-functional glass art and clothing serving high end products. Nilsson talks to us about his entrepreneurship journey which he started when he was 20 years old. He also talks about the cannabis business, rise in cannabis culture, its legalization and pros and cons.

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He says that he started when he was 20 years old. He started it in He also talks about legalization of Marijuana as well as decriminalization. He says that he was invited to join the board in as a Promotions Co-Chair, and was later promoted to Chair of Marketing. He currently works with fellow members to develop the budget and marketing plan. He says they are still not yet legal. He studied at Coburg District Collegiate Institute. He has trained many fighters to Muay Thai and K1 Championship Titles and is currently coaching many mixed martial artists.

He is one of the best-rounded Instructors you will meet. He says that it was in when he was 16 years old. He later on spent countless hours in one-on-one training.

He also tells us about his future plans and goals. He says that he is in his prime and would love to fight again. He also shares about his amateur sports league Championship. He is also a Video producer, director and livestream innovator. Phil has been professionally active in the music industry for over five years. His Toronto-based agency provides creative content solutions for tech and music brands.

Qualifications at a glance

After receiving funding in , he created his first music video, "The Dirty Shore". He says that he started it in June He says that he started this journey when he was around 16 years old. He says that he prefers high quality views. He further tells us about live streaming and visualization. He plans to do more business in the industry by focusing more on executive decisions for his business. Desi Ste. Marie is a Super Salesman and a Business Analyst. Desi was the former Director of Sales at Enercare Inc. He has skilled expertise in sales and gives advice on how to carry out smooth sales.

Desi talks to us about his education, career, sales, business, the lessons he has learnt while doing sales, self-motivation and self-reflection. He says that his first sales job was selling photocopiers. He says that what have greatly aided him are tenacity, self-reflection, the desire to improve and learn; as well as self-motivation, really listening to people and proper positioning. He further takes us through how he targets and goes after large high sales and big customers. He says that it is crucial to locate the key decision maker and understanding the industry.

He says that listening to people is very important.

EP 009 - Comedian & Actor Daniel Woodrow

She is the Founder of Executor Duties on Demand. She studied at the University of Toronto. She has skilled expertise in accounting and gives advice on cost cutting and tax savings strategies among other services. Michelle talks to us about her education, her work, administration of trusts, Power of Attorney Services, statutory compliance, common law rules and execution. Especially on tax matters, real estate, legal issues and family mediation. All the videos from different professionals can be found at her website provided in the links below. She goes ahead to differentiate between the two.

This relates to cohabitation, spouses, children and marriage.


Different rules apply dependent on the situations. Eman is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for product development across industries. She comes from a diverse background having lived in multiple countries. Her interpersonal and communication skills enable her to create and manage long term business relationships and partnerships.

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  • Eman talks to us about her early life, education, entrepreneurship journey, G20 partnerships, Meraki Designs and her contribution at Pan-Am Team. She loved to read books about entrepreneurs. She has travelled a lot to different areas in Pakistan and the Philippines and her love for shoes and design was enhanced. Visa free travels for the members, cross border business discussions, international connections, business relationships and partnerships. I wanted to make the shoes, I wanted to make them in a way that you could wear them with just about anything!

    She first joined the Canadian Forces at 16 and started training to deploy to Afghanistan at During her training, she suffered her first injury, a completely torn ligament in her leg.

    Robert Daniel - IMDb

    She decided to push through the pain and deploy anyway and, at age 19, she left to spend eight months on tour as an infantry soldier in Afghanistan. Kelly talks to us about winning the Invictus Games, training, her deployment to Afghanistan in , her diagnosis with post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD and how the Invictus games helped her cope mentally and physically. She says that she joined the army at the age of 16 years. In order to be deployed, a person must be at least 18 years old. How she learnt about it from her friend, what the games are all about.

    She began exercising heavily in cycling and tennis. She says that bronze was the first medal she won in the qualifying round. She got to carry the Canadian flag out to the podium.

    And then she won the gold. She further tells us about that. She says that talking about her experiences assisted her greatly in healing. Rachel Katz is a Graduate in double major in philosophy and biology from McMaster University and currently doing a Masters in philosophy and Bio-ethics. She also did an undergraduate thesis in altruism and previously worked as the managing editor at her high school paper in Hamilton.

    Her passion in food started when she was young. She refers to herself as a Wannabe Chef Gusteau and a grad student trying to prove that anyone can learn how to cook. Rachel talks to us about food, philosophy, biology, altruism, doing things for people for the right reasons and her views on monetization of what she does. While at Hamilton, she starting baking for the office and takes us through her journey with food. She talks about the tools that she uses, recipes, etc.

    Words take on individual meaning for people in a way that no one realizes it. She wants to remain authentic. Sarah Hanlon is the winner of Big Brother Canada 3 and a media personality. She is also a content creator, social media influencer, and past Cannabis Vapor Lounge Hemployee.

    Senate Has Votes to Overturn Trump’s Emergency Declaration

    She was also the host of the "Jury Roundtable" discussion that took place during the final episode of Big Brother during Big Brother Canada 6. She succeeded in the house by winning competitions. This gave her the victory over Godfrey Mangwiza in a jury vote. Sarah takes us through what it is like to be on Big Brother show, her experiences, her grand win, the rules of the game, her lessons from the show; competitions in the show, cannabis use and legalization. She says that it was a Dutch concept currently going to its seventh season.

    She has always been a fun of the show since she was 10 years old. She tells us how the show works. She also talks to us about decriminalization and legalization of cannabis. She describes how cannabis use helps her; and her sentiments about addiction to weed.