Guitar Gods and the Monsters of Metal

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Metal Mike leads his own solo endeavor Metal Mike's Painmuseum, whose debut album "Metal For Life" enjoyed much attention and critical acclaim from the metal community. Skip to main content.

Metal Mike Chlasciak "Monster Coordination". Metal Mike Chlasciak. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it.

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10 Best Guitars for Metal ( Reviews) |

Namespaces Article Talk. Signature guitars from renowned guitarists are a bit of an iffy ground for most musicians. On one hand, they absolutely deliver the sound of the given musician, but on the other hand, the question arises of how good will they serve you and how good they will match your style. Yes, it will cost you a pretty penny, but it will deliver an amazing sonic crunch you can adapt to your personal needs while always retaining a top-notch sonic foundation. We are looking at a combination of a high-end alder body and maple neck with rosewood fingerboard.

The body is very resonant and the vibrant alder proved to be one of the winning factors for this instrument. Other notable features include a Pinking things up a notch, the Hellraiser C-1 from Schecter is one of the cheapest options if you want a bonafide pro-level heavy metal sound.

Guitar Gods

Additionally, the fact that the manufacturer threw in high-end mahogany and neck into the mix and spiced it up with top-level electronics is nothing short of amazing for this price tag. Needless to say, everything about the instrument screams metal, and not just in the aesthetic department. Here we have a simple but gorgeous superstrat-style guitar from the Californian brand Charvel. Available in an awesome satin Crushed Orange or Army Drab finish, this midrange axe shows off a few higher-end features that metalheads will love.

The Greatest Guitarists Of All Time

The caramelized maple neck is very ergonomic, with a sleek satin finish and rolled fretboard edges. The tone is warm, aggressive and clear, although versatile enough to allow you to enjoy more bluesy tones alongside your metal. You can read more on this solid Pro-Mod DK24 in the full review.

Anyone who wants an extroverted menacing look and a powerful metal tone can appreciate this awesome axe. A real unique piece, this double-cutaway guitar shows off a distinctive style with an uber-cool pinstripe paintjob and stunning playability on the C-shaped mahogany neck. Throw in a Floyd Rose Series Tremolo bridge, locking nut and responsive Grover tuners, and this is one smart choice — as we mention in the full review.

It looks great too, with the cool Blue Space Burst finish and edgy reverse headstock design. For a guitar to take the title of the darkest on a list of guitars for metal, you know it must be pretty damn dark!

The guys at LTD went overboard in a good way with the black markers when designing this midrange guitar. With the comfortable Eclipse single-cutaway shape, it sports a satin black finish across the solid mahogany body and neck, with no decoration. However — as we elaborate on in the main EC-Black Metal review — the tone delivers a great deal for the darkest styles.

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New for — and new to this chart — is the rebellious Contemporary Active Stratocaster from Fender subsidiary Squier. Most notably is the inclusion of two Squier Active Humbuckers to deliver a powerful but articulate metal tone, as well as a licensed Floyd Rose tremolo and locking nut that can cope with heavy playing.

A real winner and a worthy contender for your cash — as we highlight in the complete Contemporary Active Stratocaster review.