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I would love to do this as we have similar walkways, but at 68 and with a bad back, I don't know if I could. You are an inspiration. This has been finished for nearly a year and has stood up to degree heat and 30 degree cold. I wish I could tell you what brand of mortar I used.

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I just went to Ace and told them what I was doing and bought what they suggested. I would put a second coat of sealer too considering your weather. I only put one coat. I thought the before was very nice but the after is beautiful! The color of the cement looks gray in the first photos abd terracotta color in the finished ones. Did you use a stain? If so , what kind? I hand painted each one using leftover paint in a mixture of colors. I can't tell which colors or technique as I just improvised.

Ideas welcome! Mortar isn't translucent. When I wet down the mortar I tried to flush it off of the rocks and ceramic pieces.

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I have no idea about Portland cement. Maybe you could try it on a small area and see how it works. I love your walkway. I just wanted to say that you go girl! We still do things even when we get older.!!!

Mosaic Walkway | Hometalk

If you don't want a grey film over your stones, after you are done with your project you will need to scrub them with a stiff brush and a mixture of muriatic acid and water, then rinse with plain water. I can't remember the ratio we built a lot of stone walls around our house about 30 years ago.

Check out this man's post about the GR8 Walkway he recently did I trust this helps! Hi, I really want to do something like this for around the back under an archway I have created with plants. Or could Iput them straight onto the dirt? Control C to copy and Control V to paste Another way to save it for easy reference is to copy the link to the notes app on a smart phone. The only thing I can see that might work is to right click on the page and in the box that appears you should see where you can print out the page.

I want to make sure I understand this. With mortar you dump out dry and water it down with a hose?

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  7. I'm 65 and also can't work with concrete due to lack of strength, so I'm thrilled to learn about this dry mortar. I'm so thrilled to read this posting. It's beautiful and something I will enjoy doing on the cheap. One question: I have a very long solid concrete driveway no steel which will soon be replaced because it is cracking up.

    I see depths roughly between inches thick. Would you use chunks from it, or did you buy concrete sections at Home Depot to use?? How long was your pathway? I just used chunks of concrete from a neighbor's old driveway. You can do the same thing and recycle your concrete. Our pathway was about 15' long.

    I have lots of experience with broken concrete. First of all, it's heavy and if the depths of the pieces vary too much, it's very difficult to move and level. So choosing pieces that you can handle is important. This walkway was already existing which is the biggest part of doing a walkway like this. It just needed to be filled with the mosaic which is the fun part. Attention needs to be paid to the bits in the mortar not creating a trip hazard.

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    To edge the walkway using bender board requires you to pound it into the soil which is not that difficult if the soil is moist. You just want to create a barrier to mold the edge as you fill in the mosaic. If I were doing this, it would be done in stages and I would use smaller pieces of plastic edging as I progressed. I've done lots of broken tile mosaic on floors, broken concrete planters, stepping stone walkways and it's hard on your back.

    Pace yourself! I'm so excited to try this later in Spring. Did you use a different brand than what's in the link, or Also, could you add a paragraph regarding how you prepared and did the color the concrete? You mentioned you sealed It, but I'm interested in the process before you got there. I'm not intuitively artistic, so I need directions. It looks so real. I'm soon excited!!

    I've added the correct link to this article. I would suggest that you talk to your local hardware store to see what kind you would need for the area that you live. As far as painting the concrete goes, i made sure the concrete was clean and then I used a large sponge and sponged on paint that I had from other projects.

    It was all outdoor paint and the colors were in shades of peach and brown. They will also load them on a trolley for me and then into my car after purchase! Saves my old bad back a lot of grief and my wallet a lot of pain You did an awesome job. It sucks growing old and is definitely not for the faint of heart.

    The mosaic path - Picture of L'Albarda Garden, Pedreguer

    My mind was racing after reading this article because I have the same type of situation with a dangerous flagstone path and have been trying to figure out what to do about it for the last couple years. This is perfect BUT I am turning 60 in a couple months and my body would never tolerate doing this kind of work anymore.

    So when i read your comment I had to laugh. In my younger days I did a lot of this type of heavy duty landscaping and home remodeling and I miss doing it so much. I want it so badly I am going to reach out to friends to see if I can get some muscle help.

    Resources for this project:

    Yes, getting old sucks but I often remind myself many never get the opportunity to do so. Hi Eileen. I'm so excited to try this but need clarity. I sent this question but don't see where it posted. Was it a different kind of mortar mix than the one listed? Also Is the bender board easy to cut, bend and work with? I'm not very strong.

    Thanks so much!! Hi Cardinal.

    Pebble mosaic walking path

    I didn't buy my mortar from Amazon and I don't know why it's listed on my artical as I didn't put it there. Here's a link. The bender board wasn't that hard to work with but if I were to do it again I would go ahead and line my walkway with the rocks first and just forget about the bender board. That's a huge difference!!!

    Thanks so much for explaining. I guess Amazon sponsors Hometalk and refers people to buy from them I can't wait till they dig up my driveway so I can do this. So thrilled!!! Thanks again. Great job!

    Mosaic in our garden

    I will be starting this soon.