Professional .NET 2.0 Generics (Programmer to Programmer)

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Prior to Generics, we would create an object of the LinkedList class the way we wanted, and call the AddNode method with any type of parameters. That would have created issues like type casting and type safety as mentioned above, but with Generics, here is the way we declare an object of a generic class LinkedList :. By doing this, we have almost the same type of functionality that we gained from having object type members, but here we get type safety.

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We force the compiler to take item as int and key as string type. Let us try and make some calls to the AddNode and Find methods and find out how it differs from the earlier one. Now, let as call the Find method to get the value stored in a particular node with its key value. The C compiler compiles the code into IL, depending upon the type being used by the client. There can be case that the generic fields may try to implement methods, properties, or operators which are otherwise incompatible with the specific type.

Consider the Find method above and the line if current. For example, structs don't allows this operator to be used for equality check. To overcome this issue, we could use the CompareTo method like follows:.

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But the issue still persists as this time also, the code will not compile as the compiler will again fail to judge whether K or the actual type is derived from IComparable. To overcome such issues, in C , we need to instruct the compiler which constraints the client-specified types must obey in order for them to be used instead of the generic type parameters. We force these restrictions with the help of Contraints.

In C , there are three types of Constraints, but can be applied in five different ways. Let us discuss them one by one. Derivative constraints direct the compiler that the generic parameter derives from an interface or class.

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To implement this, we use the where reserved word of C as follows:. Having written this type of definition for the class, we force the calling program to use a type that derives from IComparable for a generic parameter K. Visual Studio will provide us intellisense support for this. Instead of placing an interface, we can also direct the compiler that the generic parameter type must be derived from a particular base class.

For example:. The point to be noted here is that we cannot use System. Delegate or System. Array as constraints for this type. At the same time, we can constrain the base class and interfaces at the same time, but the base class must be written before the interfaces in the constraints list. C allows us to use a generic parameter type as constraint.

Professional .NET 2.0 Generics

For example, in the following code block, the generic parameter T must be derived from generic parameter U when actual types are supplied. When creating an object of MyClass , we have to be careful in assigning the types for T and K.

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The type to be assigned to T must be derived from the type that is to be assigned to K. NET logging and monitoring.

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