Return of the Leopard

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Umkumbe Leopard Update : (Return of the Max) Once Again

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Cesare Gorgeous Presents​.​.​. Return of the Leopard Man

Thus, an incident that would have just died away in an isolated locality in a small island was elevated overnight to a national issue. Many have condemned the killing by posting angry posters on social media. Does it mean that mankind has finally resolved itself to treat all species humanely?

Additionnal informations

When Homo sapiens had been organised as small hunter-gatherer bands, any animal that it came across was his prey for food. It was the life of the animal or that of the hunter that was at stake. Therefore, no mercy was shown to any game animal. When Homo sapiens got itself engaged in agriculture some 10, years ago, those game animals were domesticated but still they were slaughtered for food or used as draught animals to ease their workload.

Return of the snow leopard brings hope to remote Afghan region

However, with the explosion of the population of Homo sapiens in the last two to three centuries, the production system involved in domesticated small farms could not supply the foods needed by the ever increasing number of voracious mouths. It gave birth to the industrial farming of animals — cows, pigs, chickens and so on — once again a necessity for the survival of Homo sapiens. Harari says this was made possible by a new ideology which Homo sapiens started to believe in. That was, all other species was inferior to Homo sapiens with respect to development, consciousness, soul and mind, feelings and emotions.

Return of the Clouded Leopards

Hence, there was nothing wrong for Homo sapiens to treat these and other animals as their toys and do whatever they felt about them. But all mammals and some reptiles too possess feelings and emotions and they were grossly neglected when they were raised for food in industrial farms having been confined to restricted small cages and strictly according to man-made time tables concerning birth, living and death. The story does not end here. Millions of animals have sacrificed their lives in research laboratories for producing drugs that have enabled Homo sapiens and industrial animals to elongate their life spans without illnesses.

Given that about million children are born annually worldwide, it means that some , monkeys have to sacrifice their lives annually to save the children in the world. Cruel treatment of animals in industrial farms. Hence, Man has been cruel to animals throughout history. After embracing Buddhism and eschewing violence, via a rock inscription, he pronounced the edict that only three living creatures, namely one deer and two peacocks, should be killed a day, even then, not regularly, in the Royal Kitchen.

By refraining from killing animals for food, Emperor Asoka had sought to set an example for others. It was a lone attempt at extending mercy to all living species. Though it is a high ideal, it cannot be practised with 7. Hence, industrial farming will continue, more animals will be slaughtered each day and technology will be directed to discover better breeding of those animals. The cruel treatment of animals and also of fellow members by Homo sapiens will continue though we do not like it. It will give rise to a peculiar situation in which each person will accuse others of practising cruelty. This can be gauged by examining the mentality of motorists. Every driver on the road, while giving a good driving certificate to himself, has the habit of condemning others for bad driving.

They therefore want the Police to discipline those erring drivers.


The call for a tough leader — or a Hitler in a figurative sense — is just a manifestation of this mental state of Homo sapiens today. The present case involving the Anunayaka Thero is not the first occasion where such a call has been made in Sri Lanka. Hence, suppressing democratic rights today was for creating a better future tomorrow, argued Gnanasiha Thero.

Hitler stole the resources of Jews five times. Hitler was indeed a tough leader and did not care for the rights of people. His economic policies were different from those being practised in democratic societies today. During World War II he used coercion to mobilise resources for his war. It was specifically used to apprehend, transport and detain the Jewish population in forced labour camps. According to the evidence revealed in the war-crime trials in Nuremberg and as later researchers have found, Hitler had stolen the resources belonging to the Jews on five consecutive times.

First, their movable assets — cash, gold, clothes and furniture, etc. Second, their immovable assets like buildings, factories and plants were taken over.

Third, after depriving them of both movable and immovable assets, they were herded into compulsory labour camps to work day and night in munitions producing factories. Fourth, he had even stolen the accumulated calories of Jews by getting them to work long hours without giving them adequate foods. Fifth, after they had died of illnesses related to overwork and underfeeding, their bones had been processed into fertiliser, skins into hides and body facts into soap. This is an extreme case of using dictatorial powers to force people to give up everything they own for the sake of producing more goods for a nation.

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This could not have been done in a democratic regime. The forced labour camps are not the solution. The forced labour camps in the former Soviet Union, in modern China and in Kampuchea under the Khmer Rouge rule are some of the more recent examples of using forced labour in production units. But it killed millions of people, degraded human values and permanently injured human psyches.