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Al-Mufid is quite often accused of incorporating the modes of theological reasoning common in the Baghdad school of the Mu'tazila as exemplified by his teacher Abu'l-Qasim al-Ka'bi al-Balkhi into Twelver Shi'ite theology. This is however on the basis of studies relying on a Sunni interpretation of Shi'ite theological history.

The Shi'ite interpretation is that the Mu'tazila borrowed from the Shi'ah long before al-Mufid and the Shi'ah doctrine was already in place at the time al-Mufid. Al-Mufid died on the eve of Friday, 3rd of Ramadan, A. His student Sayyid al-Murtada led his funeral prayer Salat-e-Mayyit , in the presence of nearly eighty thousand people, a crowd never seen before in any funeral in Baghdad. Shaykh Tusi d. Al-Mufid remained buried in his own house for two years, and then his body was transferred to Al Kadhimiya Mosque where it was interred near his mentor, Ja'far ibn Qawlayh's grave facing the feet of Imam Muhammad at-Taqi.

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His grave is still visited by those who visit the holy shrines in Kadhimayn. It is said that al-Mufid earned his title of al-Mufid as a result of a dispute about the relative merits of the two events - Ghadir Khumm and the Cave. When the crowd grew thinner, the young Abu 'Abd Allah approached the scholar.

However, then the arrival of a man from Basra was announced.

The two, that is 'Ali b. Then the visitor asked 'Ali b. A narration riwaya does not require the same acceptance as definite knowledge diraya. Then after a pause he changed it to "grave sinner fasiq.

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