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Only 14 years old at the time, John Manjiro. The following year, two warships commanded by Commodore James Biddle entered Edo Bay and engaged in preliminary contact with Japanese officials. Perry possessed what his predecessors had lacked: grim determination, for one thing—and, still more intimidating, the steam-driven warships.

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He was not to be denied. And the erstwhile warrior leaders in Edo, who had not actually fought any wars for almost two-and-a-half centuries, quickly recognized that they had no alternative but to submit to his demands.

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They lacked the firepower—and all the advanced technology such power exemplified—to resist. Perry prepared diligently for his mission, and immersed himself in the most authoritative foreign publications available on Japan. Some of these accounts, emanating from Europeans who had been stationed in Dejima, provided a general overview of political, economic, and social conditions.

These thoroughly fanciful graphics conjured up a world of bizarre religious icons commingled with sturdy men and women wearing Chinese-style robes, holding large and stiff fan-shaped implements, even promenading with folded umbrella-like tents draped over their heads and carried from behind by an attendant.

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Such fantasy masquerading as informed commentary and illustration was typical. Here, too—despite being annotated with fifteen numbered details—the graphic was entirely imaginary. The emperor lived in Kyoto rather than Edo.

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  • He never held public court. Measurements were accurate.

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