The Art of Hardware Architecture: Design Methods and Techniques for Digital Circuits

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This book highlights the complex issues, tasks and skills that must be mastered by an IP designer, in order to design an optimized and robust digital circuit to solve a problem. The techniques and methodologies described can serve as a bridge between specifications that are known to the designer and RTL code that is final outcome, reducing significantly the time it takes to convert initial ideas and concepts into right-first-time silicon.

Coverage focuses on real problems rather than theoretical concepts, with an emphasis on design techniques across various aspects of chip-design. Clive W. Designing Embedded Hardware. John Catsoulis. Digital Electronics Demystified. Myke Predko.

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Advanced Process Control. Cecil L. Terrence Blevins. Computer Science I Essentials. Randall Raus. Tony J. Three-dimensional Integrated Circuit Design. Eby G. Digital Signal Processing Michael Parker. Wayne Wolf.

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  • The Art Of Hardware Architecture: Design Methods And Techniques For Digital Circuits ;

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Clive Maxfield. Digital Communications Test and Measurement. Dennis Derickson. Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio. Kwonhue Choi. Practical Digital Signal Processing. Edmund Lai. Automatic Methods for the Refinement of System Models. Julia Seiter. Power Integrity for Nanoscale Integrated Systems. Digital circuits implement logic using "if-statements". Combinational circuits are the way to represent logic functions.

A combinational gate is a function of the inputs, creating a specific output. Combinational circuits…. Binary numbers are the integral part of digital logic. The rules of binary numbers translation to decimal numbers, that we used to operate with,…. In the….

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