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This is why the involvement of the Counselling Department was so important.

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By these means, we want to highlight that peace and reconciliation is possible even in the greatest of tragedies. It is crucial to know what can happen when we forget that. The featured image used to illustrate this article does not require attribution.


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Underline links. Highlight Links. Clear cookies. Pablo Picasso exposed the horror of the bombing in his famous anti-war painting called Guernica.

When U. Learn more in the Democracy Now! Who came to the aid of the people of Spain? Read what Robin D.

Takashi Nemoto’s “Guernica Project”

My students generally know nothing about the Spanish Civil War, but they follow my line of reasoning and some are persuaded. But when I tell them that nearly 3, Americans traveled to Spain to defend the Republican government from fascist forces, and that they were joined by another 35, volunteers from around the globe, that is when I lose them.

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Most stare at me in utter disbelief. Every year I teach the story of the Spanish Civil War and the heroic participation of the International Brigades because it represents perhaps the greatest example of internationalism in the 20th century. Their story ought to be common knowledge, but just try to find a high school student who has heard of the Spanish Civil War.

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We should not be too surprised by this sad state of affairs.