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Particularly the repetitive tasks and processes that require massive data crunching and analysis to gain better insights, leaving us humans to focus on what we do best: complex problem solving, creating thinking and communication. Therefore, when we combine human and artificial intelligence, we end up with superminds.

That is where it becomes interesting as there are a few prerequisites to create a supermind. The latter point was entirely due to the social intelligence skills where women usually score better than men. So, the X-factor in creating successful superminds is social perceptiveness, as it is the biggest contributor to raising the intelligence of a group. As we are living in a digital era where an increasing amount of our activities, meetings and collaborations take place online, social perceptiveness becomes even more important.

The social skills and social intelligence that are so important in a face-to-face world will be at least as important in the increasingly digital world of tomorrow. It is certainly one of the key elements — if not the Xfactor - that women can bring to teams teams that will be increasingly working together online.

In addition, there is an abundance of research concluding that diverse teams with the right balance between men and women are more successful. Imagine if you add artificial intelligence to such a team, that will open up new possibilities! AI is not new, in fact it was already talked about in the s.

Why is it suddenly so hot? Well, technological progress has made this possible in the past decade:.

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What is certain is that AI will have a major impact on the future of work, how we work alongside AI and machines, and the skills needed to remain successful in an increasingly digital world. Benefits to Your Organization. Increase in sales performance superheroes have that effect! Decrease in call reluctance.

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Strengthened relationships among sales teams. Significant impact on the bottom line. See More Insights. Now with nearly 20 years in luxury real estate, Chris consistently proves to be an exemplary broker and boasts an impressive record of success in both the South Florida and New York City markets. Here are a few that I absolutely live by. The first thing I always strive to find out is why exactly the seller wants to sell their property.

No one knows the property better than the person selling it and sometimes it takes some legwork to get to the bottom of everything. It will help you in the long run. I guarantee it. Rushing through deals is not the same as being efficient.

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In my experience, it only creates more complications down the line, so really the best way to land and close deals faster is by slowing down and making sure you have all your bases covered. In the real estate business, and all business really, stress always lurks on the horizon.

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It can be overwhelming and has the potential to hinder any deal you might be in the middle of. Overall, the most important sales strategy to land and close deals is to stay calm. Find an outlet that you love and treat yourself. In addition to being a catalyst for corporate success, Chavaz has a passion for the arts and community enrichment. This positions the sales professional to present themselves or their product as the solution.

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You can also use Implication Questions to search out the general difficulty the customer is feeling. Jason has been featured in the New York Times, Inc. Jason has also assisted in launching successful digital campaigns for Fortune brands along with local, family-owned companies that have gained national attention. After I speak with a prospective client and they are interested in our services, I send them a personalized card in the mail through Postable.

The personalized touch is always appreciated by the potential client and has led to a drastic increase in closing the deal for me. Deborah is an attorney and formerly practiced law in the area of corporate law and intellectual property. She purchased the company out from Intuit back in and now has become a successful entrepreneur. She is the mom of two and loves working with entrepreneurs on a regular basis. When we communicate with clients about current orders, or requests even customer service issues , we add a sentence or two about other ways we can help them.

So, for example, when we incorporate a new business, we not only answer the clients pending question, but we also let them know that we can help the client with their annual filing or Tax ID. This is a great way to get the client thinking about other services we offer about which they might not have known.

It is also a good way to add value and establish our company as a trusted advisor by suggesting services the client might need in the future. Natural suggestions of product offerings not a hard sell during standard customer service communications can be a great way to increase company sales and improve our close time.

He is a founding partner of techallstarz. A large difference between the old and new sales strategy lies heavily in educating potential leads. The older way of selling consisted mostly of scare tactics and over complicated terminology to convince a lead they were unknowledgeable and needed your help. Depending on your market these tactics would go one of three ways. Immediate sale out of fear.

Consideration and sale later week. We have torn this approach apart and reconfigured it by leveraging resources available to us today. By providing educational content throughout blogs, social accounts, and videos, we have the ability to capture inbound clients who are looking for answers. This increased inbound focus allows our sales team to focus on leads who know they need our help and, therefore, increase the sale to contact ratio.

Strategic prospecting, which generates self-identifying buyers. This enables receptive presentations face-to face, mail, electronic, or whatever. The ratio of closes is greatly increased and the time saved is significant. Various methods of such prospecting are available. Too many sales are lost because salespersons do not bother to follow up on prospects that do not fit their ideal customer profile. This is a major mistake. If someone shows interest in your product you should follow up properly on that lead, even if the person looks too young, or too old, or too poor, or too whatever.

A good salesman should follow up every lead and try to close every sale. Do not rely too much on predictive statistics about a mythical ideal customer. Customers are defined by their buying behavior, not by their demographic profile. A good salesperson does not have downtime. He does not have any time of the working day when he is not directly or indirectly trying to close a sale, making a sales presentation, or following up on a sales lead. Working time is working time.

Use it wisely to maximize your results, and do not waste a minute on empty talk, braggadocio, and gathering useless information. It is up to you to reduce your unproductive time to a minimum, preferably to zero. Comparisons tend to be psychologically destructive more often than not. Each individual has different background, experience, and motivation, and it does not make any sense to undermine your self-confidence by comparing yourself constantly with people who are more successful than you are.

Instead, you should try to learn as much as you can, and see how you can improve your sales performance. The best approach is to compare your achievements today with the much greater achievements that you expect to attain in the future. In her spare time, she loves to rock climb and snowboard. Here is how this strategy is quickly implemented. Most prospects are somewhat hesitant and nervous to see the price within a proposal.

This is natural.

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Sticker shock, especially for high priced services such as consulting, can be intimidating. The objective is to soften the price and make that price far less intimidating. More importantly, the value needs to be displayed in a way that overshadows the price. In other words, the value needs to trump the price so the price becomes a non-issue. With Price Juxtapositioning, I create a price table or chart with three columns. Column A and Column C should be in black text.

Column B should be in gray text so it is visible but does not stand out, over and above Column C. I will list every request from the prospect first and then list value-add services thereafter.


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These value-adds should be highly valuable and easy for you to implement. You will need to explain the benefits of implementing these value-adds now, with the total service offering. Provide reasoning on why they compliment the requested services and what the impact will be on the prospect. These value adds should be added at a significant discount and in some cases, at no additional charge.

You will also need to explain why they are a lower cost.